Yoga Around The World- 2019.

Here are some amazing Yoga poses for you to try from different parts of the world.

By Adhithi Rajagopal

It’s finally 2019 and we’ve set some awesome goals and good intentions to make the most out of this year already, right? Well, here is a brilliant way to make your year even more exciting! Why not try Yoga and increase your chances of having a more successful, relaxed and positive year?

NamasJay connected with 7 amazing yogis and yoginis across the world to uplift the New Year spirit by sharing yoga poses from different parts of the world. 

1. Mary Ochsner in Hawaii, USA

2. Malou Zuur in Italy

3. Jess, USA

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4. Ensiven Azarian in Iran

5. Tiffany in USA.

6.Lilyana Ohlenschlaeger in NY, USA.

7.Jay Symonds in Cardiff, Wales.

Yes, Yoga is for anyone and can be done anywhere. Simply take out your yoga mat and try these cool poses. Prepare your body, mind and soul for 2019 with us through Yoga. 

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