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NamasJay offers bespoke yoga and meditation sessions aimed to be accessible to everyone. We offer programmes for organisations and employees which can introduce the benefits from yoga and meditation. If you have a disability or require special needs please talk to us as much of the programme can be adapted or tailored to meet individual needs.


mental health in the workplace

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Yoga can bring numerous benefits. There have been many studies confirming the mental, emotional and physical benefits of yoga and how it can positively impact a persons well being. 

Prevents Injuries


Build Strength


Positive Attitude


improves Sleep


Improve Focus

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Lower Stress & Anxiety

What we do offers numerous benefits, everything from enhancing focus and performance to improving overall well-being.

To give the most to employees, NamasJay can offer a wide range of styles of yoga, meditation techniques and style and more, all of which offer different benefits and can be adapted to the needs of employees. Bespoke programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals, organisations and groups.

NamasJay programmes are designed to fit organisations’ needs and desired outcomes for employees. From increasing performance, reducing stress, anxiety and more, these programmes can be tailored to each participant. NamasJay values providing the best quality bespoke programme for organisations. It promotes and introduces the benefits of yoga and meditation and strives to make it available to those in a workplace.

We can tailor our sessions to suit your needs and goals we have pre-set sessions on the following topics. However, we can create exclusive sessions to fit your event or business.

  • Team Building 
  • Stress Management
  • Communication
  • Life Skills
  • Confidence & Self Belief

Meet The Teacher


Jay started practicing yoga and meditation after his first year of university where he struggled with anexity and stress. Yoga helped him regain his focus and motivation to return to university and complete his degree in BSc (Hons) Business Information Systems.

Yoga and meditation allowed Jay to graduate with a 2:1 in his degree, 1st in his dissertation which was published in a conference paper. He was then determined and passionate to bring yoga and meditation to those who could really benefit from these practices. 

Jay went on to launch a not-for-profit business called NamasJay which supports vulnerable children and young people from disadvantage backgrounds who may experience stress, anexity, low confidence and self esteem. 

  • Full Enhanced DBS Checked
  • First Aid Trained Level 3
  • Child Protective Course Completed
  • 3 Years Yoga Teaching Experience
  • 70 Hours Children's & Teens Yoga Training
  • 200 Hours Registered Yoga Teacher

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