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Serenity, 3 New St, Cwmbran, Pontnewydd, NP44 1E

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Have you been thinking about starting yoga? Or already have some yoga experience? Not to worry this eight-week course allows you to gain an insight into basic yoga poses and breathing exercises.

Yoga is known for its physical benefits like flexibility, joint mobility, injury prevention and strength. However, with consistent and robust practice, yoga could allow one to experience even more benefits.

8 weeks

Yoga can improve our brain development, mood, sleep, cognitive functions, decision making, attitude and nervous systems. Yoga allows us to release tension in the body, lowering our stress and anxiety levels and uniting the body, mind and breathe together. 

Beginners Yoga Poses

Each week we will look at different yoga poses and explore options so that you can access the poses most comfortably.


Breathing is an essential part of yoga, and during the four weeks, we will explore yogic breathing techniques for your yoga practice and everyday life.

fREE Add-Ons

On closing the class, usually, students have the opportunity for a sort temples and head massage: other add-ons including PDFs and sequences for yoga at home.

Equipment Provided

All equipment is provided. From mats to blocks, yoga straps and bolsters, you will be extra comfortable and poses can become more accessible.

8 Weeks Of Yoga.


  • 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • All levels (Great for beginners)
  • Friendly Atmosphere

Why Yoga?

Benefits Of Yoga

Builds Strength

Physiologically yoga can support the musculoskeletal system by increasing bone strength, reducing tension in the muscles and improving your posture etc.​

Boosts Mood

Studies show that the brain's gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels spike after just a single hour of yoga, which means that yoga can change your brain chemistry and improve your mood.

Protects Joints

Yoga can maximise the strength of joint movement, reducing the risk of injuries and improving performance.

Increases Energy

Studies have found that regular yoga practice has found to reduce fatigue, anxiety and anger, supporting better physical and mental health.

Improves memory & Focus

Yoga promotes self-awareness, and during yoga, the focus is internal. Yoga is a time to shift awareness to become aware of what is going on inside us — allowing us to become more focus.

Improves Sleep

Yoga benefits the nervous system by decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and muscular tension, which therefore reducing stress, anxiety and improves sleep quality.

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All payments are made online. To reserve space, a deposit can be made. Full balance needs to be paid off a week before the class commences. 

We have a maximum limit of 12 students per class. It is recommended to book early to avoid disappointment.

All equipments will be provided. You only have to bring yourself. 

It is essential that you have permission from your health professional/GP before attending a class, otherwise you may not be able to attend. 

Refunds can be issued if 7 days notice has been given for a course and 48 hours for a class. However, it is not possible to refund for part of the course. Please see our terms and conditions. 

Yes, all payments need to be made a week before the course begins.

Serenity, 3 New St, Cwmbran, Pontnewydd, NP44 1EE

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