we are passionate about

helping others

Our Mission is to bring yoga and meditation to those in most need, particular children and young people those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We aim to provide classes, workshops and work with schools and organisation to share these practices. We understand the pressures of everyday life and how mental health for children and young people is constantly in the news, we want to provide tools and techniques that could help improve confidence, social skills, self esteem and physical and mental wellbeing. 

what we believe in


Inspire children and young people to explore yoga and meditation and understand the practices and the benefit of incorporating a practice into their routine. We also inspire to explore and find things what you enjoy the most or take what you most enjoy from yoga and meditation.


We are most passionate about supporting others. We believe we can achieve this by inspiring others, building communities, connecting and providing yoga and meditation to those most in need. ​


We aim to connect with schools, charities, universities and other organisations and build communities within these establishments. We understand how yoga can be a powerful way to build and strengthen positive communities.​


Accessibility is one of NamasJay's key values, it is highly important that these practices can be accessed by anyone at any level. It is well documented that we put ourselves under excessive amounts of stress and pressure, through work, relationships, home and aiming to achieve the general life balance. NamasJay makes classes accessible to help one achieve the work-life balance, but also a balance with physical and own mental health.

who we have supported


NamasJay supported young carers of Monmouthshire aged between 10 – 16 years old.