The NamasJay Project

As we are a not-for-profit business and believe in building communities as well as giving back, we love to support other charities outside our main project.

Revenue & Resources

Social businesses and enterprises drive revenue back into good causes and project they support. For NamasJay, this is The NamasJay Project, which is the heart of NamasJay, and we aim to achieve greatness and help others.

Children & Young People

Our social project concentrates on supporting children and young people who may have low self-esteem, low confidence, experience stress, and who may be from a disadvantaged background and offering free classes, workshops and programmes.

our core Social Project

The NamasJay

Children & Young People

Through our project children and young people will be provided with free yoga and meditation through classes and workshops where they are allowed to relax, unwind, experience the benefits of yoga and hopefully gain tools for later life challenges.

Boost Confidence & Improves Attitude

We are aware of the various physical benefits of yoga (strength, flexibility, mobility, joint strength), but yoga can help enhance our mood, sleep, focus and reduce our stress levels.

Free Yoga & Meditation

It is common knowledge that attending yoga classes can be expensive. We acknowledge this. We believe that everyone should have access to yoga, so through our project, NamasJay provides free yoga and meditation classes to children from deprived areas.

who we have supported

Young Carer's

NamasJay supported young carers of Monmouthshire aged between 10 – 16 years old. 

Other Charitable Work


We ran multiple LGBT Yoga Sessions that created a supportive community while spreading awareness and fundraising for LGBT Sports Cymru.

Kidney Wales

NamasJay founder, Jay Symonds and Friends ran for Kidney Wales in 2017 in a 10k run and raised money for this charity. We love to support passionate charities, businesses and people.

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