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Yoga For Schools
infants, Junior & Seniors (curricular & Co-Curricular Activities)

NamasJay is a not-for-profit with a mission to provide free yoga and meditation to vulnerable and disadvantaged children, supported by resources and revenue of organisations, schools, businesses and other business activities.

Bringing yoga and meditation into schools allows children and teens to experience the benefits of these practices.

Curricular or co-curricular activities involve a blend of yoga and meditation itself but including tools and techniques that could ease and manage stress and anxiety.


Children & Mental Health

1 %*
of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday.
1 %*
of mental health problems in adult life take root before 15 years old.

Musculoskeletal System

Physiologically yoga can support the musculoskeletal system by increasing bone strength, supporting the muscular system. Through yoga, tension is reduced in the muscles and muscles are strengthened — improving posture, maximising the power of joint movement, reducing the risk of injuries and improving performance.

Nervous System

Yoga benefits the nervous system by decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and muscular tension, resulting in the reduction of stress, anxiety and improving sleep quality, therefore, allowing the nervous system to experience less stress. Other systems that are benefited by yoga include the endocrine system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, immune system and the respiratory system.

Brain Development

Yoga benefits the brain by increasing a readiness to learn, enriching the mind and creating new brain cells, through movement (exercise) this can be achieved. A study found that not only new brain cells were created but, brain cells survived longer, which is useful in learning and retaining new information (Ratey, 2008). Yoga can improve and aid cognitive functions, emotions and social learning.

Confidence, Resilience, Social Skills & Self Belief

By practising yoga, one can learn to become more self-awareness and understand one's thoughts and emotions. By doing so, this can result in influencing behaviour, relationships, decision making, and lead to evaluate and make constructive choices by recognising the well being of self and others and while also considering the consequences.

What We Offer For schools

Curriculum Sessions

We have the resources and training to match your school curriculum. Including yoga in your school curriculum can bring numerous benefits, including reinforcing your teachings and providing pupils with more variety and receiving higher engagement levels. A tailored session may involve combining curriculum topics and yoga such as communication, life skills, teamwork which has been successfully achieved at Cathedral School Llandaff.

Co-Curriculum Sessions

Through co-curriculum sessions pupils can build a regular yoga and meditation practice. This gives pupils the opportunity to experience the many benefits of these practises. During sessions, pupils will learn yoga and meditation through different activities like games, assignments, group work and more.

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