yoga for all | not for profit


A Social Business Focusing On Community Impact Not Profit.

Our Mission

We inspire and provide the opportunity for everyone to explore and enjoy yoga and meditation. Through studio classes, corporate settings, schools, universities as well as our online community.


Through revenue and resources we strive to support children and young people with disabilities, poor confidence, low self-esteem and live in disadvantaged areas, If you’re attending a public class, corporate session, enjoying an online you are contributing this mission.

The benefits Of



Studies show that the brain’s gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels spike after just a single hour of yoga, which means that yoga can change your brain chemistry and improve your mood.


Physiologically yoga can support the musculoskeletal system by increasing bone strength, reducing tension in the muscles and improving your posture etc.


Yoga benefits the nervous system by decreasing the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and muscular tension, which therefore reducing stress, anxiety and improves sleep quality.​


Studies have found that regular yoga practice has found to reduce fatigue, anxiety and anger, supporting better physical and mental health.​


Yoga promotes self-awareness, and during yoga, the focus is internal. Yoga is a time to shift awareness to become aware of what is going on inside us — allowing us to become more focus.


Yoga can maximise the strength of joint movement, reducing the risk of injuries and improving performance.

Meet Our Clients

They Believe In Us

"Following Jay's success with our Senior pupils, we were delighted when Jay shared our interest in bringing yoga into the Primary. Jay has worked with our pupils from Years 4 to 6; all of whom thoroughly enjoy their weekly sessions. Jay creates a fantastically calm atmosphere and really brings the best out of the pupils. The sessions look to develop mindfulness and wellbeing, achieving this through engaging activities that are accessible for all pupils. Asking Jay to come and work with our Primary pupils has been a huge success and I cannot thank him enough for what he has accomplished in such a short space of time. Jay loves what he does and this comes through in each and every session."​
Mr Morgan
Assistant Head (Kay Stage 2)
"Jay's yoga classes are an amazing way to start the working day - relaxed, strong and focussed. They are also a great way to meet new people and find peace in a hectic environment."
Jen Evans
Work-Based Learning Project Coordinator
"Jay's sessions have improved both my day to day wellbeing and sports performance. The sessions are tailored to your ability in a friendly and relaxed environment and I definitely recommend getting involved!"
Will Fuller
Students' Union President 2017
"Thanks so much to NamasJay for running a meditation session with the Simply Do Ideas team today. I had a migraine on it's way this morning but it completely went in just under an hour after the session! We'll definitely be booking NamasJay again. Very highly recommended!"​
Lee Shrama
CEO of Simply Do Ideas